18 August 2007 Big Lake (& Blog caught up!)

Here I am on a rainy late August evening, reliving the summer as I finally get the blog caught up. We've had a great summer, full of trips and fun. But another summer has gone too fast. I'm surprised to look back at the first photo for June. My summer intern arrived that day and I took her to Glen Alps in the evening to get a good luck at Anchorage and the Chugach playground outside the city. She leaves us on Wednesday to return to school in Wisconsin.
Back in June I bicycled 22 miles on the Russian Lakes trail with 8 girlfriends. The cloudless sky over Russian Lakes tells how sunny and HOT it was that day. Then a few days later Paul and I flew to Colorado for his parents' 50th anniversary and to meet my new nephew Ryan.
From Colorado we flew directly to southeast Alaska to join friends for a sailing adventure of the islands west of Prince of Wales Island. Highlights were humpbacks, fresh crab and salmon, humpbacks, peeking into the Pacific, humpbacks, humpbacks, and humpbacks.
We returned home for a few days of work and sailing at Big Lake. Then south to Kachemak Bay for 4 nights at a state parks cabin in Tutka Bay. We kayaked, hiked, and enjoyed the sunsets and bird song at the cabin.
Most Wednesdays that I've been in town I've gone biking with Wombats. One of my favorite evening rides is Powerline Pass. Once again we had a beautiful evening and we relaxed for a few minutes by the lake near the summit before turning around. At the end of the month Paul and I biked the Anchorage garden tour.
We have sailed at Big Lake a few weekends. Yesterday was sunny and warm and Denali peaked over the hills. The wind at times was good for sailing ... and at other times non-existent. All but one boat scratched today during the Challenge Cup because the doldrums hit and they'd been bobbing in the lake for nearly an hour.
{To those who have checked out my blog during the summer, thanks for hanging in there. I promise to get back on track now that the evenings are darkening.}

29 July 2007 Anchorage

18 July 2007 Powerline Pass

14 July 2007 Tutka Bay

1 July 2007 West of Prince of Wales