8 july 14 the butte

I spend most days at a computer but every once in a while my job requires 'work in remote locations', like hiking Bodenburg Butte with partners and a visiting supporter.  Click here to help buy the Butte!

23 jun 14 denali

My friend Annette visited from NJ and we drove to Denali National Park for a couple of days. This view of the High One is from a highway viewpoint in Denali State Park south of the national park. (click the photo to get a bigger version - we had a spectacular viewing day)

15 jun 14 sailing

Captain Paul and First Mate Django on watch

29 jun 14 thumb cove

Thumb Cove at low tide in Resurrection Bay

4 june 14 bike to work

I assumed that this sign was for me - and that my bike was an 'authorized vehicle' - at a meeting on my way to the office on Anchorage's Bike to Work Day.

25 may 14 backyard visitors

This mama and days-old twin calves spent the morning in our backyard.  One calf slipped into my vegetable garden through a break in the fence that was created by a flying garden lantern during a fall microburst.  A tense 45 minutes wondering if the calf would find the open garden gate (opened quickly by me) before the cow and other calf discovered the tasty little apple tree inside the gate.

17 may 14 bird to gird

My friend Jo-Ann and I biked the Bird-to-Gird(wood) path along Turnagain Arm on an amazing May day.

12 may 14 bike to work

lovely spring day to bike to work as part of my organization's annual Green Commuter Challenge (my office won 1st place for our city/office size class)

3 may 14 more than birds

Seeing this wood frog sunning himself on the railroad tracks was more exciting than any of the birds we saw during Birdathon in early May in Talkeetna.  This is the sole amphibian in southcentral Alaska and usually they are someplace much wetter.