25 dec 12 christmas light

On Christmas night we launched lanterns into the sky as fluffy snowflakes fell to the ground

30 dec 12 trail gnome

The clear cold fall left two days ago and warm drizzle replaced it.  Today I was trying hard to find the good in this turn of events.  My plans to ski/snowshoe/bike this long holiday weekend are on hold until this weather pattern moves out, which may not be until later this week.  Today we put cleats on our hiking boots and walked some mountain bike trails near our house.  There we found this trail gnome sitting outside his burrow playing his pipes.  He paused to smile at us as we walked past.  Thanks for the cheer on this gray day, little guy.  Hiking in the slush is better than many of the alternatives.

11 nov 12 sunny cold coast

golden sun and grasses on the kincaid coast on a cold november afternoon