16 mar 13 burma shave* talkeetna-style

from my creative and talented friend (and long-lost cousin) Doug
and his brilliant compatriots

2013 flying by

imitating street art with the Buttons on a very cold Denver day
 The Iditarod is almost over and I'm just now uploading my first blog entry of the year.  2013 has felt fast and furious times.  Good thing that fun has been part of that.  We went to Colorado in early January to visit family.  At the end of January we flew to Hawaii for a two-week vacation with the usual mix of biking, snorkeling, and hiking.
Paul mountain biking a dirt section of the King's Trail in Puna

Paul snorkeling in the Wai'opae tidepools in Puna

Birding in the remote Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge on the flank of Mauna Kea
And on Valentine's Day, we adopted another member into the pack.
Django! ball hound