29 sep 2012 blue dot for bhikkhu

Once upon a time there was a little dog who loved to hike.   One day the little dog found a big bone at a Kenai campsite. He spent many happy hours gnawing on this bone.

One day he no longer could hike, and eventually chewing on the big bone was too hard.  Today his people hiked the Blue Dot Trail for him and left his big bone, with a bright red ribbon, under a birch tree for another dog to find and enjoy.

 In memory of little bhikkhu
a dog who loved bones
especially when they were bigger than he was.

29 jul 12 summer color

I'm waiting for the big winds on a dreary day in Anchorage.  I'm behind on editing and posting photos from the summer so I decided to start with the annual garden tour by the Anchorage Garden Club.