25 dec 09 merry family christmas

The holidays were busy with various family events with Smiths, Slushers, Buttons, and Salzmans on the Front Range of Colorado, but we managed to visit with Rudolph (in his albino phase) between feasts.

With my brothers and their wives (& one ex-girlfriend?) on Christmas Day, plus a smoochy black lab named Shadow.

My step-mother Kay knitted these sweaters for my sisters-in-law and myself over the last couple of years.

Celebrating a Button Christmas on Boxing Day. Rudolph blessed the gathering.

19 dec 09 winter wonderland

You would think we shut ourselves inside for a month, but we did get out a little between the middle of November and the middle of December. I just wasn't photographing much. The temperatures were cold in that period and I was conserving warmth in my hands when I was out. We also received some beautiful snow falls during those weeks. They followed several days of ice fog, which had coated trees and shrubs in a thick coat of hoar frost. That frost helped to hold the snow to the trees.

Finally one Friday was sunny and the temperature was nearing 10. Rose suggested that we snowshoe some of the singletrack trails known as Baseball Boogie by the snow bikers. The sky was a deep blue and everything below was black and white. Except for Rose ....